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ICEDOT® PROGRAM TERMS OF USE - Effective August 26, 2013 for all parties.

ICEdot is a virtual medical ID that is as secure as online banking. ICEdot acts as a trusted confidential application service provider dedicated to providing online communication services to patients and their health providers for the transmission of secure medical information. ICEdot is an emergency communications Web service based on a high degree of security consciousness that encompasses the highest levels of patient privacy and security.

All personal data provided is provided on a voluntary basis.

Mondzo Pty. Ltd (“Mondzo”), ABN 681 661 002 69, is the Australian based distributor of ICEdot products to Australia. Docvia, LLC (“Docvia”), a USA based company is the supplier of ICEdot products to Mondzo. Docvia carries on business in the design, manufacture and sales of emergency notification goods and devices. All intellectual property, trademarks and software are the property of Docvia. All Australian users of the ICEdot service are subject to the following Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. These Terms of Use and Privacy Policy have been set by Docvia and are between the Australian user of all ICEdot products and Docvia. Outside honouring physical product quality, applicable warranty and supplying you with the most awesome product, Mondzo plays no further part.

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